Secure Your Network By Spiders

In today's market having effective and expandable telephone systems is important; by enhancing your current technologies with new, you can combine cost savings with state-of-the-art communications capability. We pride ourselves on the design and implementation of solutions that are effective and easy to use in today's demanding market place. We provide full support and maintenance packages for our systems from repair to simply setting up new extensions; and we utilize remote access solutions allowing us to make changes to your system without having to visit site, saving you both time and expense. We offer you a choice of telephone switches and handsets to match your requirements, from large to small; from conventional PBX systems to fully IP based; with products from Panasonic, Nortel, Samsung and Cisco; integrated with your computer system if required. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) This recent technology development works by converting voice traffic to data and channeling it over the data network just like other data. This greatly simplifies the infrastructure requirements, reducing it to one technology which can utilize your existing or expanded data network. Additionally, VoIP can be combined with WAN and VPN technologies to link remote sites using the internet providing voice communications at no additional costs to you. Whether you wish to add VoIP to your existing telephone system, enhancing the investment that you have already made, or move to a totally new VoIP structure, we have the solution for you. Cabling We install dedicated cabling or, increasingly, structured cabling that can be used both for data and voice. With the emergence of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) the cabling requirements converge. We can utilize your existing cabling and add structured Cat5 cabling to enhance the system where required. Carrier Analysis As a value-added consultancy and we offer genuine costs savings on voice and data traffic by analyzing your requirements and recommending the most appropriate solution for your organization.

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