Secure Your Network By Spiders

The networks and systems that we design and build include scalability and reliability with focus on ensuring a stable technology environment for your business. We ensure your network is solid from the ground up by covering all aspects of the installation (Wired / Wireless). Spiders IT offers total I.T. Network solutions for Small, Medium and Large Businesses including network engineering and network consulting services designed to increase productivity and lower operating costs. Do you already have a network in place? After doing an assessment, we can work with you to make the adjustments and/or enhancements necessary to better meet your objectives. We can work with your staff in all areas of networking: •Strategic network planning for your business. •Network requirements analysis for upgrades or new installations. •Network architecture and design. •Network implementation (LAN/WAN/VPN). •Network management. •Network audit and security. •Network troubleshooting and support. No matter what network operating system you’re using, our engineers will help you proactively design, implement and maintain your computer/network operations. Network Infrastructure: When it comes to the needs of the organization’s infrastructure you need a company that you can trust to install fiber optic and data cabling with no fuss and the minimum disruption to your business. With our dedicated installation teams and support staff we are able to install all types of cabling and data cabinets form the smallest installations to complete server room fit-out. All installations are fully tested which include: •Structured Cabling / Cat 5 / Cat 6 All our cabling is to the highest standard and meets all appropriate regulations. We can provide everything from a few extra network points to a complete installation across your site. The cabling can provide just data or can be used for telephones as well. Additionally we provide and install standard 19" and special racks for server rooms. •Fiber Optics The new communications medium across sites, fiber optics provides a reliable and efficient data transport medium for high data rates and capacity. •Site Communications Backbone As well as structured cabling and fiber optics, we can also provide microwave or laser links between buildings where cable or fiber is not appropriate or not acceptable (e.g. across areas not under your control). The combination of all these technologies can provide you with a reliable and robust data communications backbone for your organization.

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