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Professional Training

Train your employees on information technology advancements with a seminar customized just for your company. Spiders IT offers your organization an opportunity to explore state-of-the-art issues and concerns in information technology and related media. 

Delivered In House Training or In House Offsite Training, the seminars can bring together your managers and staff with experienced instructors who are well-versed in the application of information technology. The length of the seminar is determined by your company and could be for one day to two weeks.  Longer programs can also be accommodated at the request of the company.

     In house Training:

This is where we do the training off-site and often in-house at your offices, however this is not obligatory. You see the great thing about an in-house intervention is that it is just for your company. Therefore we want to make you as happy as possible and can as no other companies or individual’s needs are of any worry. Thus we can customize your course one hundred and ten percent to your companies needs. We will customize your course in the following ways

The course will run at a location that suits you, whether it be at your offices or The Hilton Hotel the choice is yours.

We run the course on a date that suits your companies and delegates schedule to cause the least interference with work

Once again the times will be arranged to suit your needs. For example you want to split a one day course into four two hour seminars.


The course content will be structured around your delegate’s needs and wants. We can combine courses to form a hybrid course such as Efficient Time Management and Project Management can be combined to form an all encompassing course. The case studies, examples and role plays will be relative to your company, your market, your delegate’s positions and departments. This way the information will be more relatable and thus the course will be more productive and beneficial.

Type of Course:

There are many types of courses available to your company. We can run a high energy very interactive exciting course.

If you choose to run an-house intervention a customer service representative will go through all your options with you to ensure that your course fits your corporate needs like a glove.

     In house Offsite Training:

This is exactly the same as an in-house intervention but will not happen at your offices. You may choose this option to treat your disengaged staff and take them to a plush hotel to make them feel appreciated. You may choose this option to get your delegates away from all the distractions that they may encounter at work such as phone calls, faxes or call-outs. All of these will have a negative effect on their training.

For whatever reason you choose this option we are standing by to be of aid. We have contact with many hotels and conference centers all over the continent and would be happy to help you in whatever way we can.

Spiders IT training courses are offering the most diverse you’ll find anywhere:

  • Business & Management Courses.
  • Office Applications Courses.
  • Information Technology Technical Courses.
  • Customized Courses (As You Need).
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